Philanthropy and Sustainable Investing Making a positive difference

You feel it is time to embark on a philanthropic journey?

You want to receive returns on investments that address social and environmental issues?

Or you might like to do both by devoting some of your time and money to charitable causes while investing the rest of your portfolio responsibly and sustainably?

UBS offers you new and innovative ways of creating lasting positive change by exploring the avenues that suit your individual profile and targeting the goals that are important to you.

Philanthropy and Sustainable Investing

How UBS Helps

We offer different solutions no matter which stage of a philanthropic journey you find yourself in Philanthropy.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is an investment preference that aims to generate different kinds of benefits.

Sustainable Investing

Curious about impact investing?

Impact Investing is an exciting and promising field. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities educational podcasts.

Benefits for your portfolio?

More than just financial returns the benefits.

How UBS Helps

Create social and environmental positive impact in addition to pure financial consideration Sustainable investing