Stay on top of markets Financial reports, data, indices and quotes available all day, every day, supporting you in preserving and growing your wealth.

The Chief Investment Office (CIO) delivers global economic and financial analysis, as well as investment opportunities, and market risks around the clock. The process brings together the expertise of more than 900 in-house analysts and external experts. This is the foundation of the UBS House View, which is recognized around the world for its comprehensive and effective investment insights.

Using a global investment process we produce solid and consistent investment results for our clients, even during this particulary volatile period.

Client-centred research approach
Your client adviser in Monaco uses a wide range of publications and analyses to support and advise you. Everything we do is geared towards ensuring an ideal base for your investment decisions.

You can also access and use this information and publications yourself.

Our Numbers

900 specialists around the world that monitor markets and asset classes

coverage of markets and economic scenarios

15,000 fixed income instruments analyzed each day , in addition to over 30 currencies , 25 raw materials and over 1,800 Companies.

13 key financial hubs