Tax reform: more than talk?

After the U.S. House of Representatives released the details of its tax plan, our Office of Public Policy put the likelihood of tax relief at 60%, up from 55% last month. How could the House bill, "The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act," affect you, your wealth and your investment strategy?

In a new US economy report (PDF, 45 KB), CIO Americas, Wealth Management (CIO) notes that, if the legislation were passed as is, high-income taxpayers would receive limited personal income tax relief and potentially a modestly higher tax burden in higher-tax states. However, small business owners stand to benefit from the lower rate on "pass-through" income.

Highlights of the draft legislation include:

  • The number of income tax brackets reduced from seven to four
  • Changes to personal deductions, including the mortgage interest deduction
  • The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) eliminated
  • A flat corporate tax rate of 20%, down from 35%

Markets are not fully pricing in tax reform benefits, and successful passage represents an upside scenario for U.S. stocks. Overall, the proposed corporate tax changes, as written, could boost S&P 500 earnings per share by 8%–10%.

For more information on how the legislation could impact you, read the full report (PDF, 45 KB).

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