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UBS Signature Series is an ongoing forum featuring preeminent thought leaders with diverse backgrounds in politics, economics and business. Together, we explore the impact of critical issues at the intersection of public policy, culture and innovation.

Is there a diplomatic solution to tensions with North Korea? What cyber security threats loom around the corner?

At our UBS Signature Series event in Phoenix, AZ, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and Jonathan Greenert, retired four-star admiral and former Chief of Naval Operations, spoke about a world increasingly at risk—and offered insights into ways America could protect itself and fuel prosperity for years to come.

On North Korea, Adm. Greenert told our moderator for the evening, Bob McCann, Chairman of UBS Americas, he prefers that military action not be used to resolve the North Korea conflict. "There needs to be a diplomatic solution which has a clarity and transparency to it," Greenert said.

Turning to other threats, former Sen. Mitchell said it is imperative for the nation's cyber defenses to keep pace with rapid technological change. "It's going to take a much greater effort on the part of our national institutions and our people to adapt more rapidly."

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