Artificial intelligence, real opportunities

Robots are on the rise. A.I. will revolutionize how we work, drive and live our lives. Where are the opportunities? Listen to our special call with Dr. Wyatt Newman, robotics expert and engineering professor at Case Western Reserve University. He will discuss the current state of A.I. and its potential.

You’ll get answers to these critical questions:

  • How fast is A.I. changing the world?
  • Will robots make your job easier--or obsolete
  • Did the Jetsons get it right?
  • How does A.I. impact how you invest?

Key takeaways

  • Artificial intelligence has been around since the 1960s
  • A.I. includes robotics and automation
  • Some say A.I. is the new electricity
  • Is your life—and your portfolio—robot ready? Your UBS Financial Advisor can help.

Are you robot ready? To find out, connect with your UBS financial Advisor or find one.

Listen to: Artificial intelligence, real opportunities

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
4:15 p.m., ET

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