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Tax reform tops the list of priorities that U.S. business owner say government should address—ahead of healthcare and infrastructure. In fact, if taxes are lowered, nearly half of business owners say they will invest more in their companies, while nearly a third plan to hire more workers.

These and other findings emerge from a special UBS Investor Watch Pulse survey (PDF, 98 KB), which tracks business owner sentiment each quarter to help you understand more about the business environment, and what it can mean for how you invest.

Since last year’s election, business owners have consistently demonstrated a positive outlook on the economy and the prospects for their business, the survey finds. Currently:

  • Two in three business owners are optimistic about the short-term economic outlook
  • 62% are optimistic about the stock market
  • Three in four expect to grow their business in the next year

While taxes are the top priority, business owners also support continued reductions in regulations. Most like the steps the administration has taken so far to cut regulations and would prefer to see even more progress.

"I think what we're seeing is a redefinition of what's possible in Washington," said Mike Ryan, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer Americas, UBS Wealth Management, in an interview on Fox Business.

Investing in infrastructure is another top priority for business owners. The vast majority believe it would benefit the economy, and four in five support the concept of spending $1 trillion on infrastructure.

Nearly half of business owners expect the Trump administration to have a positive impact on their business, compared to only a quarter who believe it will have a negative impact. However, sentiment has slipped since April, when over half expected a positive impact and only about one in six expected a negative impact.

For the full survey results, download the latest UBS Investor Watch Pulse survey (PDF, 98 KB).

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