Leisure and travel SBB

Travel throughout Switzerland with ease by public transport.

Image: SBB

Whether you're an early riser or a night owl, using public transport gets you to your destination safely and on time. Pay for your next trip with e-vouchers, which you can buy with KeyClub points. Redeem the vouchers quickly and easily on your PC in the SBB Ticket Shop or on your smartphone via SBB Mobile. You can find information about timetables, tickets, season tickets, and ideas for vacations and leisure online at sbb.ch.

This partner accepts

electronic points

You can find offers from this partner in the KeyClub eStore. In the eStore, you pay online using electronic points and a credit card.

KeyClub goes electronic too

Starting immediately KeyClub has even more possibilities:

You can have your KeyClub points sent to you electronically and redeem them online in the KeyClub eStore.