Treats and Groceries

Order food, cosmetics, DIY and craft supplies as well as baby products, and organize delivery at the click of a button


Place your order at and have your shopping delivered directly to your home at your convenience. There are over 12,000 Migros, branded and fresh products for you to choose from in Switzerland’s leading online supermarket – from fresh and crunchy fruit and vegetables to bread, butter and drinks. Place your order today and have your shopping delivered directly to your door tomorrow.

This partner accepts

paper checks

electronic points

Send your paper checks to, 1024 Ecublens. You can find other offers from this partner in the KeyClub eStore. In the eStore, you pay online using electronic points and a credit card.

KeyClub goes electronic too

Starting immediately KeyClub has even more possibilities:

You can have your KeyClub points sent to you electronically and redeem them online in the KeyClub eStore.