Hotelcard The half-price rate for hotels

Treat yourself to the “half-price rate” for hotels – with up to 72 francs discount.

Stay at top hotels in Switzerland and neighboring countries – and pay half price. The Hotelcard makes it possible. In many cases, the card will have paid for itself after just one or two nights, especially if you pay for your Hotelcard at least partly using KeyClub points and get it 72 francs cheaper. Think of how much you could save! And best of all: Your partner can benefit too, because it only takes one card to book a double room.

How to benefit

Offer: You get a discount up to 72 francs on a personal Hotelcard that lets you stay at over 600 top hotels in Switzerland and neighboring countries – as often as you like, for half price, over a period of up to 3 years.

  • 65 instead of 99 francs: one-year Hotelcard
  • 120 instead of 173 francs: two-year Hotelcard
  • 175 instead of 247 francs: three-year Hotelcard

How and where: Purchase a voucher at with KeyClub ePoints and redeem it at

Valid: Until further notice.