• US outperformance is under threat

    The Nasdaq fell 3% on November 19, reflecting concerns over faltering tech demand and worries the sector may be dragged into the US-China trade dispute. The strength of the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite has been a main reason US stock returns have raced ahead of the rest of the world's in recent years. more

  • Mike Ryan's Thanksgiving "Cheat Sheet"

    I'm the only member of my extended family employed in financial services (they still call it “Wall Street”), so I typically get peppered with questions about the market during family gatherings. I therefore like to prepare something of a “cheat sheet” in anticipation of the questions I will likely be asked. I want to share it with all of you. more

  • Avoiding the pitfalls of credit investing

    Credit often becomes more perilous as the cycle matures, and last week underlined the risks. Euro non-financial investment grade (IG) and high yield (HY) spreads widened by 13 basis points and 45bps respectively, while US spreads expanded by 14bps and 49bps. more

  • Give to others, not the IRS

    It's year-end, which means it's time to decide: how much are you planning to gift to the IRS? Here are a few last-minute considerations that may help you to meet your annual commitments and to reduce your tax liabilities. more

  • Must-Pass Legislation & Pre-Existing Illness Pain

    As members come back from the campaign trail, they face a growing list of items that will need to be addressed over the next year or two. Some of these need to be tackled over the lame duck period, whereas others have timelines that extend into the next session. more

  • One day, even Amazon will fail

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a stunning admission last week when addressing what lessons he has learned from the recent bankruptcies of Sears and other big retailers. more

  • Brexit: and now for the difficult part

    As expected, reaching a Withdrawal Agreement (WA) with the EU is only one step towards the UK being able to reach a Brexit deal. On 15 November there were multiple resignations from UK Prime Minister Theresa May's cabinet, and some members of the Conservative Party are now attempting to stage a vote of no confidence in her leadership. more

  • What does Amazon HQ2 mean for New York?

    Long Island City, NY (LIC), will be one of the two new Amazon headquarters. But how will it affect the neighborhood, especially when it comes to transportation and housing, and how might investors benefit? more

  • Don't overlook potential positive surprises

    Chinese equities rallied on 15 November (CSI300 +1.3%, Hang Seng +1.0%), lifted in part by media reports Beijing had outlined potential trade concessions to US negotiators. Bloomberg later described Beijing’s document as largely a re-hash of previous pledges and reforms. more

  • HSA Q&A

    With "open enrollment" windows closing soon for many workers, here is a quick Q&A about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). more