• Brexit brief: Sufficient progress

    It has been a tumultuous week for the prime minister. It began with Theresa May being close to agreeing a deal with the EU on the terms of the UK's "divorce," only to have the rug pulled from under her by the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, the political ally she relies on for a majority in the House of Commons. more

  • ASX to use blockchain technology for clearing

    The Australia Securities Exchange (ASX) plans to replace its current clearing system with one that uses blockchain, the technology underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The move highlights the disruptive potential of blockchain. more

  • Last minute agreement in Brexit talks boosts pound

    British Prime Minister Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker have announced a breakthrough in the Brexit negotiation. This should allow both parties to move on to discussions around transition and trade. The news initially sent sterling sharply higher against both the US dollar and the euro. more

  • New capital rules "manageable" for European banks

    After protracted negotiations, agreement has been reached on the final phase of Basel III regulations that determine banks' capital requirements. CIO says the impact of the tighter framework should be manageable at the sector level. more

  • China progresses on reforms

    A new International Monetary Fund (IMF) assessment of China’s financial system has raised “tensions” between growth and financial stability-oriented measures. more

  • The long and the short of it

    Economists get upset when the media describe a rising market as "good" or a falling market as "bad". An asset price moving towards fair economic value is good. An asset price moving away from fair economic value is bad. Up and down do not matter. more

  • Bitcoin - a look into regulation and taxation

    With the run up in value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so far this year, we see a possibility that they may start to become the victim of their own success. Although so far, the US has mostly intervened to protect investors and to, unsurprisingly, establish tax guidelines. more

  • Base metals: Positive outlook for 2018

    The re-rating of global economic growth during summer, with firmer capex spending at its core and Chinese supply-side measures getting investors' attention, led base metal prices higher in 3Q17. more

  • Sterling on a rollercoaster ride

    Sterling initially rallied by as much as 0.9% intra-session against the US dollar on 4 December as hopes built that a deal had been reached with the EU on the Brexit “divorce bill.” more

  • Time to buy gold?

    Gold prices touched a two-month low early in the week, as the yellow metal was weighed down by an increasingly risk on sentiment, as investors sifted through the possible winners and the losers created by impending US tax reform. more

  • Will the Irish question derail a Brexit deal?

    Over the past few days, Britain and the EU appeared to be moving closer to a resolution to some of the sticking points in the Brexit negotiations. However, an agreement to solve the problem of the Irish border and move to the next phase of talks broke down at the last minute. Does this question have the potential to unravel the entire process? more