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An interview with the chief economist of UBS Making money requires strategy

Investing money isn’t witchcraft. Daniel Kalt, Chief Economist and Regional Investment Officer Switzerland, explains why checking out alternatives to a savings account can be worthwhile – regardless of how large your assets.


Practical tips and concise advise on money, home ownership, pensions and investment.


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  • CIO Age-specific retirement savings

    Switzerland’s pension system is under pressure. So it’s all the more important that investments made from savings perform well. Your age determines how your retirement savings should be invested. More

    • by Dr. Veronica Weisser, UBS CIO GWM
    • Pension
    • 14 Nov 2018
  • Loss of decision-making capacity Advance care directive and Kesb

    The loss of decision-making capacity brings much change, and not only to those affected and their loved ones. The relevant authorities must play their part, too, and are involved in every case. More

    • by Sothary Forte
    • Pension
    • 06 Nov 2018


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