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An interview with the chief economist of UBS Making money requires strategy

Investing money isn’t witchcraft. Daniel Kalt, Chief Economist and Regional Investment Officer Switzerland, explains why checking out alternatives to a savings account can be worthwhile – regardless of how large your assets.


Practical tips and concise advise on money, home ownership, pensions and investment.


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  • Pension What is your getting-older moment?

    We cannot stop the natural process of aging. But those who plan for retirement early at least do not have to worry about the financial consequences. We asked four people when they first became aware they were growing old. More

  • Seven scenarios Pension: What happens if ...

    Depending on your personal situation, you’re faced with different questions about retirement. We’ve run through seven typical scenarios and their consequences to your pension annuity. More

    • by UBS Insights
    • Pension
    • 28 Aug 2018
  • Inheritance The perils of a will

    If you plan to leave a will, you should grapple early with what provisions to include. You must also keep the law and formal requirements in mind. More


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