Digital banking Evolution of retail banking in the digital era

Presenting UBS digital products for retail clients: E-Banking and TWINT.

At UBS we believe that in order to make the banking experience truly seamless, we have to enable clients to carry out banking transactions anytime, anywhere, securely and conveniently. In the branch, on the phone, or on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Being available across a wide range of channels is at the heart of our long-term digital strategy, which offers an evolving suite of applications providing clients with everything they need. E-banking, mobile banking and TWINT are just some examples of applications shaping the future of banking products.

E-banking and mobile banking

Do you need access to your deposit accounts and custody accounts while on the move? Would you like to be informed about incoming payments or call up the current rates for financial instruments? That's possible around the clock with UBS e-banking and mobile banking.

No matter whether you want to get an overview of your assets and credit cards, analyze your expenses, execute payments, get information about the financial markets or engage in securities trading, UBS e-banking and mobile banking make banking transactions easy and convenient. These applications keep you up to date and let you carry out banking transactions whenever you want.

UBS e-banking and mobile banking features:

  • Processing of payments and payment slips scanning
  • Management of UBS credit and prepaid cards
  • Notification by e-mail, SMS or push messages
  • Spending analysis, budget planning and setting of savings targets with the Personal Financial Assistant
  • Overview of accounts and assets
  • Financial information, publications on investment ideas and securities trading


UBS TWINT is a free payment app that private individuals in Switzerland can use to send and request sums of money through their smartphones - quickly, securely and conveniently. TWINT can now also be used to make cash-free payments in an ever - increasing number of shops and restaurants. More than 240,000 users have already downloaded UBS TWINT, while the fast growing community clearly demonstrates its popularity.

In future, users will be able to pay even more quickly within your favorite apps. Furthermore, TWINT is going to merge with Twint, a mobile payment application powered by PostFinance. The merger will create a standardized payment solution for digital payment transactions across Switzerland. As is the case with debit and credit cards, consumers and merchants will be able to rely on a single standard, rather than using cards of different sizes or having to use two different applications.

UBS TWINT features:

  • Send, request and receive money simply, speedily and securely
  • Make cashless payments in the first shops, restaurants, taxis, etc.
  • Regardless of where your bank account is
  • Free app with no transaction charges

Digital banking

We are committed to allow our clients to carry out banking transactions anytime and anywhere - securely and conveniently. Discover our innovations and the advantages of our digital banking services.