Digital banking The digital evolution of business banking

Making small and medium enterprises' banking transactions more efficient.

While online solutions and mobile apps for banking and payments are becoming an integral part of our daily lives and activities, the digital evolution is advancing in the business space with new propositions aimed at simplifying and providing convenience to entrepreneurs and companies around the world. At UBS we are committed to use technology and digital channels to lift as much burden from business banking as possible, so that entrepreneurs can focus on the core tasks when running a company. By providing innovative solutions for small and medium enterprises, we are convinced that we can add real value to businesses. E-Banking and Bexio are examples of such solutions shaping the future of business banking products.


Through our e-banking platform, business clients can perform banking transactions at any time and from anywhere - including functions for data transfers, balance previews, credit limits and connect via external software. Liquidity overview and cash flow forecasts are some of the functions available to our clients when managing their company's financials. Business clients can manage authorizations and acess rights of employees via UBS e-banking, defining what their employees can see and do. All of this saves not only clients' time and effort, but ensures they always have total visibility and up-to-date information.


Bexio is an online business software which can be conveniently connected with UBS business bank accounts. The tool automatically balances outstanding account receivables against incoming payments. Clients can record and book accounts payable in Bexio, so all they have to do in UBS e-banking is approve the payment order. Bexio linked with UBS e-banking is a perfect solution for small and medium enterprises.

The benefits of linking UBS E-banking and Bexio

  • Automatic posting of invoices and payments
  • Automatic reconciliation of accounts and accounting
  • Available 24/7, very secure (automatic backups and updates)
  • Contact partner and hosting in Switzerland

Digital banking

We are committed to allow our clients to carry out banking transactions anytime and anywhere - securely and conveniently. Discover our innovations and the advantages of our digital banking services.