What to expect as an Equities Intern

So you applied for the Internship and got the job. Amazing! Just one question remains – what will it be like?

I started off my internship with a host of emails and networking events before I even arrived. UBS makes sure that you feel part of the team from day one – whether it be getting your confirmation phone call from your line manager, Christmas welcome events (or socials) or monthly updates on the firm. It's great, and shows you straight away that UBS has a brilliant ethos.

When I arrived for my first day I had no idea what to expect – we were told that there'd be a training week initially but I didn't fully appreciate what was in store for us until I arrived! The training week involved lots of Q&A sessions with senior leaders, division-specific training and networking events. My advice: make sure you make the most of the Q&A sessions! You won't realise until later just how senior these people you're speaking to are and how valuable their time is. You won't get the opportunity to speak to them again, so make it count! The week overall also gave me an insight into the atmosphere of UBS and the passion of all of the people working for the company. I came away from my first week completely enthused and excited for work on Monday morning, which is exactly what I want from my career.

On the first day 'at the desk' I was then introduced to the Equities trading floor. I expected a huge room full of shouting, frenzied people and lots of noise (especially as we started the day after the Greek referendum). The floor is vast, but everyone is surprisingly calm, considering and willing to take the time to help; this is the first impression I got of UBS and it still remains.

In the London Equities office this year the team has trialled a new approach with us: mini rotations. These are a series of 2-hour shadowing opportunities per day that allow you, as an intern, a glimpse of what each desk does. This is because there are huge numbers of different functions within Equities and otherwise it would be difficult to find out what they all do! The mini-rotations went on for a week and were remarkable; you got to meet hundreds of people, explore what each division does day-to-day and generally build a picture of how everyone works together. We were very lucky to have this opportunity as it set us up really well for the longer three-week rotations which will follow.

I am currently on my first three-week rotation and I'm loving the opportunity to add value to my team. We are encouraged to continue to sit with other desks, ask questions and involve ourselves as much as we can with the financial world. It's a huge learning curve every day, but it is also extremely exciting; I can't wait to see what the rest of my internship will bring!

About the author
Megan joined our summer internship program this June for a nine-week experience in Equities. Interested in both the Sales and Trading divisions, she is enjoying the opportunity to shadow both desks and learn more about UBS as a whole. Having graduated from Durham University earlier in 2015 with a Bsc Joint Honours in Chemistry and Mathematics, Megan is looking forward to a career in the financial industry. In her free time she enjoys cooking, crafts, watching films with friends and spending time at the seaside with family.

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