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Climate Aware

A climate aware, rules-based equity strategy

Climate Aware Fund

It is generally accepted that the world's climate is changing due to rising man made emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGS), particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). The largest single source of CO2 emissions is the combustion of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas.
We appreciate that many schemes are looking to mitigate the risk of climate change, including the transition to a low-carbon economy, to their portfolios, but do not have access to an appropriate, cost-effective solution.

A new, forward thinking solution

Many existing solutions take the straight-forward approach of offering strategies that overweight the stocks of companies that are less dependent on fossil fuels relative to higher carbon-emitting peers. We believe this approach has two important limitations. It only incorporates past or very recent information about the carbon footprint of each company. This approach does not take into account a company's forward looking commitment to carbon reduction. A second problem with this backward-looking approach is that carbon emission data is subject to estimation errors, as a component of carbon emission data per company is estimated by data providers.

Delivering the best of our capabilities to you

  • Strategy that explicitly tackles the long-term risks of carbon.
  • Aims to deliver returns broadly in line with global equity index.
  • Carbon intensive equities are reduced over time, and holdings in energy efficient manufacturing and transport, clean energy and green business sectors and gradually increased.
  • Active engagement with companies on the topics is an integral part of the strategy.

UBS climate aware rules-based portfolio: quantitative and qualitative factors

UBS climate aware rules-based portfolio

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