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Fund range

UBS Asset Management is one of the world's most experienced asset managers, offers a large and well diversified range of professionally managed investment funds. In other words, an impressive range of investment funds, providing optimal investment solutions for every type of investor. Products are provided in the following categories:

UBS Asset Allocation Funds

UBS Asset Allocation Funds offer all-round asset management at a stroke. Irrespective of the amount invested, fund clients benefit from professional and cost-efficient portfolio management. In addition, the volume of assets invested in UBS Asset Allocation Funds allows for broad diversification. This means that even investors with small amounts to invest are able to enjoy the advantages of highly qualified management, global diversification and sophisticated risk control.

UBS Equity Funds

UBS Equity Funds offer the advantages of active management, superior risk/return characteristics compared with direct investment and exploiting excellence in global equities research and stock selection.

UBS Emerging Market Funds

UBS Emerging Market Funds offer a benefiting from above-average return opportunities over time, reducing risk exposure through diversification and investing with experienced professionals.

UBS Bond Funds

UBS Bond Funds offer an optimal risk/return characteristics through active fixed income management, a very wide range of traditional and alternative solutions and the leveraging UBS's global research capability.

UBS Money Market Funds

UBS Money Market Funds offer a good cash alternative - adding stability to the portfolio, preservation of capital and liquidity combined with attractive returns.

UBS Sustainable & Responsible Funds

UBS Sustainable & Responsible Funds offer investment in line with social values, proven expertise in the field of socially responsible investments and a choice of companies and regions to invest in.

UBS Alternative Funds

UBS Alternative Funds offer a reduction of portfolio volatility, broad diversification to spread risks and innovative products managed by investment experts.

UBS Exchange Traded Funds


  • Investment in a broad-based market with just one transaction
  • The flexibility of security investments combined with a fund investment
  • Transparency thanks to the reference index

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have seen remarkable growth since their launch in Europe in 2000 because they are transparent, cost-effective and easy to trade. In addition, they combine the advantages of both investment funds and security investments.