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For further information on UBS ETFs please call:

Raimund Müller

Raimund Müller, CIIA
Head Passive & ETF Specialist Sales Switzerland
Tel. +41-44-234 39 81

Giovanna Cilia

Giovanna Cilia
Passive & ETF Specialist Sales
Tel. +41-44-234 53 68

Adrian Steiner

Adrian Steiner
Passive & ETF Specialist Sales
Tel. +41-44-234 55 39

For further information on Capital Markets please call:

Pravin Bagree

Pravin Bagree CFA
Head of ETF Capital Markets
Exchange Traded Funds
Tel: +41-44-235 19 08

Gianandrea Grassi

Gianandrea Grassi
ETF Capital Markets
UBS Exchange Traded Funds
Tel. +41-44-234 53 45

For Press and Media relations

For members of the press seeking information on UBS ETFs, please contact UBS Media Relations

UBS Media Relations Switzerland

Tel: +41-44-234 85 00
Fax: +41-44-234 85 61