Hedge Fund Solutions

UBS Hedge Fund Solutions provides comprehensive fund of hedge fund strategies within UBS Asset Management.

Hedge fund solutions

With assets under management of USD 34 billion1, UBS Hedge Fund Solutions is the second largest investor in hedge funds in the world2 with investment teams located in Stamford, New York, Zurich, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We have extensive experience managing multi-manager solutions with a focus on creating diversified products to seek to meet the demands of a global client base. Our institutional clients include banks, family offices, corporate and public pensions, and sovereign wealth funds globally.

Our extensive and global network, combined with a reputation of being a source of early-stage capital, is key in identifying emerging managers. On average, UBS Hedge Fund Solutions initiates coverage on approximately 400 new funds per year.

Established in 19943, UBS Hedge Fund Solutions has allocated over USD 203 billion4 and employs over 110 full time employees (including 58 dedicated investment personnel5) in 7 offices located across North America, Asia and Europe. As one of the largest hedge fund investors2 globally, we have the negotiating power to potentially obtain preferential terms on behalf of our clients.

As a significant early stage investor, we benefit from the influence that comes with over 20 years of discretionary investing as well as the trusted relationships established with managers and other industry participants. On behalf of our clients, we also seek to access capacity constrained hedge funds and tactical co-investment opportunities.6

Our investment team has extensive industry experience allocating capital to managers and as direct risk takers at hedge funds. As a result of our size and dedicated resources, the breadth and granularity of collected transparency data allows us to perform holistic and detailed risk management.

We view ourselves as investors, not allocators.

We believe markets offer temporary inefficiencies that are potentially monetizable by our team in partnership with best-of-breed hedge fund talent. We have a unique vantage point in the market and seek to leverage our insights to add value through: tactical strategy tilts, sourcing, seeding, or acting as acceleration capital for new and emerging managers, redeeming from hedge funds, and identifying tactical investment opportunities and co-investments in partnership with hedge funds6.

We believe in a highly active approach, supported by an investment team with direct trading experience. This real world experience enhances our ability to vet market opportunities, differentiate managers and monitor current investment holdings. Ultimately, we are active managers of active managers and rely heavily on independent evaluation of underlying strategies to support our allocation (or de-allocation) decisions.

Fees are a critical focus and we seek to use our scale as a large investor to reduce them where possible.

We believe focusing on investor advocacy, governance and operational due diligence results in advantageous terms and protection of capital.

UBS Hedge Fund Solutions specializes in hedge fund of fund products that provide exposure to the major hedge fund strategies including equity hedged, credit/income, relative value and trading strategies. We offer a wide range of hedge fund solutions including commingled products, customized discretionary products, portfolio advisory and strategic advisory services as well as unparalleled client servicing.

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