Investing assets successfully

The six steps to investing success

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You want to make the most out of your assets. Whatever your needs - for advice, for discretionary management or simply for execution - UBS can help. You may also wish to entrust the entire wealth management process to our experts and benefit from their know-how. However, if you wish to make the investment decisions yourself you can still leverage our global services and expertise.

At UBS, we have developed a six-step programme designed to create a portfolio tailored to your financial needs. The process begins with assessing your risk profile, the step that underpins our ongoing investment process. We then work with you to establish an appropriate strategic asset allocation, the broad outline of your portfolio that we expect to maintain over the long term. Tactical asset allocation allows you to take advantage of market opportunities as they are presented. In consultation with you, we then build your portfolio, based on the strategic asset allocation and implementing any tactical decisions. As financial markets are dynamic, we monitor your portfolio to ensure that your investment solution is still on track.

We know that your family, business and financial situation will evolve over time. Therefore, this process will be repeated regularly to ensure that your investment solution always meets your needs.

Planning for a lifetime

Achieving your financial objectives as your life changes