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Bionic mushrooms generate electricity

by UBS Editorial Team 05 Dec 2018

Some new ideas. (UBS)

Bionic mushroom generates electricity: 

US researchers fitted electricity-generating fungi with a network of electrodes and cyanobacteria to produce bio-electricity. The research now aims to develop ways of generating greater currents using this method.

Train that emits water and steam, no carbon: 

The world’s first hydrogen train has been developed, emitting only steam and water, according to Business Today. The pollution-free train runs using hydrogen-powered fuel cells and can reach speeds of 140km per hour. These "Hydrail" trains will join Germany’s growing network of zero-emission trains.

CO2 into fuel molecules:

Researchers at the US Department of Energy have identified an electrocatalyst that efficiently converts carbon dioxide into the highly energetic carbon monoxide, which can then be converted into usable energy in the form of molecules used to create fuel.

Contributors: Andrew Little and Rupak Mehta