UBS Next Art

For more than 150 years we have been following our vocation: to provide advice and financial services to private clients. With offices in over 50 countries, in Italy we combine our global vision with attention to the needs of those who work and live in Italy, while keeping our sights on the future.

Committed as we are to our territory, we have understood that sustainable social and economic development is not possible without culture. This is why we have chosen to actively promote culture and for years we have sustained activities related to the world of art and given our collaboration to numerous prestigious international initiatives.

In Italy we have decided to strengthen our commitment by dedicating a rich program of initiatives to the city of Milan that look at the world through the medium of art - UBS Next Art.

At the core of UBS Next/Art is our partnership with the Gallery of Modern Art of Milan, a neoclassic gem which, over the decades, has become the home to important art collections donated by well-known families of the city animated by the desire to make the right to culture eternal.

With UBS Next/Art we would like to share our passion for art with you, as we already do with many of our clients.
The partnership with the Gallery of Modern Art of Milan confirms this passion and aims to develop this Milanese example of excellence for the benefit of art-lovers or visitors who are just curious or looking for a unique and enriching experience.