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In addition to the usual risks referring to market fluctuations, securities and index type, the investor has to be aware that the funds detailed in this document are also exposed to other risks, such as: secondary market negotiations, differences between NAV and market prices, calculation changes, differences in publications of the index on behalf of the index provider, risks connected to the listing of the index components on different markets, risks connected to the use of derivatives.

There are also further risks these funds that replicate equity or bond indexes are exposed to. The investor is therefore required to have an adequate tolerance and capacity to bear such risks.

For a complete analysis of all the risks described we recommend to read carefully the prospectus.


UBS ETF (IE) MAP Balanced 7 SF UCITS ETF (hedged to EUR) A-acc

Net asset value 89.5865 EUR

Last update



Asset Class:  Multi Asset Portfolio

General information

Name of fund

UBS ETFs plc – MAP Balanced 7 SF UCITS ETF

Share class

UBS ETFs plc – MAP Balanced 7 SF UCITS ETF (hedged to EUR) A-acc



Asset Class

Multi Asset Portfolio

Fund domicile


Fund type


Reference Index

No representative reference index is available



Launch date


Currency of share class


Accounting year end

30 June

Replication methodology


Fund description

  • The Fund provides the investor with an exposure to a rules based multi asset investment strategy investing in equities, commodities and bonds. It aims to provide a sustained performance with limited downside risk.
  • The Strategy is based on the the UBS multi asset portfolio index, originated by UBS AG. The concept of risk parity ensures that all portfolio components contribute equally to the risk/return of the Fund, as measured by its volatility. The Fund targets an annualized realised volatility of 7% and is currency-hedged to EUR.

Current fund data and tax figures

NAV Date

20 Feb 2018

Shares outstanding


Official NAV per share


Share class assets (EUR m)


Total fund assets (USD m)


Key benefits

  • Clients benefit from the flexibility of an exchange-traded investment.
  • Provides access to the performance of the Strategy with a single transaction.
  • Exposure to multiple asset classes, allocation to which is managed via a risk based approach
  • The Fund offers a high degree of transparency, of cost efficiency, and is easy to trade.

Performance chart (in fund currency)

These figures refer to the past. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The performance shown does not take account of any commissions and costs charged when subscribing to and redeeming units.


Flat fee p.a.


Total expense ratio (TER) p.a.1)


1) as at 31.12.2016

Registrations for public distribution

Country of distribution




United Kingdom





The Fund is highly dynamic and may exhibit above-average potential growth and investment performance, depending on the economic environment. For this reason, an investment horizon of at least five years and corresponding risk tolerance and capacity are required. The Fund is exposed to the investment risk arising from the Reference Strategy underlying the Swaps. In the event that the swap counterparty defaults under the terms of the relevant swap, the Fund may suffer a loss. The Fund’s assets are passively managed. As a result, the net asset value of the Fund’s assets is materially dependent on the performance of the underlying investments. Losses that could be avoided via active management will not be offset. The Reference Strategy is a rules based Algorithm designed to target consistent returns but may not be effective in delivering such returns.


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