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USA Growth Fund

Grant Bughman

Client Portfolio Manager: Grant Bughman

The UBS (Equity) - US Growth Fund offers access to quality, growing US companies where the market price underestimates the magnitude of their growth potential.

Fund description

  • Actively managed equity portfolio investing in selected US companies.

  • Investments are focused on growth stocks.

  • The fund is diversified across various sectors.

  • Investments are primarily made in large-cap companies

  • The portfolio is limited to around 35 to 55 stocks.

Key benefits

  • The portfolio features companies that offer above-average growth potential compared to the overall market.

  • The fund is managed by a specialist growth investment team that has many years of success in managing investments.

  • The fund managers can also tap into the knowledge and experience of around 100 equity analysts.

  • Investors benefit from the fact that UBS is one of the few asset managers with a truly global investment platform.

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