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Euro High Yield Fund

Konstantin Leidmann

Fund Manager: Konstantin Leidmann

High yield bonds offer an attractive yield opportunity in an otherwise low yield bond market. The UBS (Lux) Bond Fund - Euro High Yield invests in rigorously selected high-yield corporate bonds that are denominated in or hedged into Euro.

Fund description

  • The fund invests primarily in high-yield corporate bonds selected using strict criteria, either denominated in EUR or hedged into EUR.

  • When selecting issuers of such bonds, particular attention is taken to spread investments across the various credit ratings.

  • The investment objective is to outperform the return on prime EUR bonds.

Key benefits

  • Investors profit from an actively managed portfolio with high return potential that is composed using strict criteria in terms of security and sector selection and credit quality.

  • Clients can particularly benefit from UBS's expertise in markets where transparency and access to information may be limited.

  • The fund represents an attractive addition to a portfolio, offering high return potential and broad risk diversification.

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