Our unique approach

Your choice of domestic shekel investments

UBS offers a range of discretionary and investment marketing services - in Israeli shekels. All your assets are managed under the watchful eyes of your financial planner and our investment team in Israel, and held by the Israeli bank of your choice.

You can select from a wide choice of Israeli shekel investments across a variety of asset classes and investment types, including alternative investments, subject to the risk level which will be agreed upon with you.

Discretionary mandate in Israeli shekels
Once you have chosen one of our basic investment strategies and risk levels, we build a diversified portfolio for you using liquidity, bond and equity assets. Our Israel investment team selects the instruments and handles the due diligence on issuers. UBS makes all the daily investment decisions and arranges trade execution through Israeli banks. We offer Israeli shekel investment portfolio, based on your own investment decisions and subject to your final decision and choice of strategies, and will help you to develop a diversified portfolio that can also include hedge funds, individual stocks and structured products. While the final investment decisions lie with you, UBS will organise trade execution through local Israeli banks.

Our unique approach
Israeli shekel wealth management through UBS gives you:

  • An unbiased investment management as UBS IL doesn't have any local funds or ETNs, no underwriting or nostro trading.
  • Investment strategies tailored to your needs.
  • Open architecture: because we do not have our own Israeli shekel products, we select and offer the best third-party products available, including funds, ETFs and single securities.
  • A dedicated team of analysts and investment specialists who provide a truly customized service for you.