Step by step to performance

To help you reach your financial and investment goals, your financial planner uses our structured four-step approach right from the start.

Working step by step to achieve top performance

Understanding - your priorities, needs and goals
The first step is to sit down and listen to you, to make sure that we understand your situation and priorities. During a thorough initial needs analysis, your financial planner will ask about your personal and financial goals, and your family and business circumstances. We will look at your overall assets, your current and anticipated income and liabilities, and any debts and commitments. And because everyone is different, we also make sure we have an accurate picture of your risk appetite.

Proposing - ideas that make sense for you
Once we understand what you need and expect, we’ll work with you to develop your strategic and tactical asset allocation plan, based on your investment profile and risk tolerance. Backed by our investment specialists, your financial planner will present a careful selection of investment solutions and products to meet your needs.

Agreeing and implementing - sound and smart solutions
Using the clear information and recommendations provided by your financial planner and our investment professionals, you can now make your selection with confidence from a wide range of high-quality investments and financing solutions - often with direct input from the analysts responsible for our world-class investment research.

Reviewing - so you can have confidence in your financial decisions
Regular reviews of your portfolio are just as important as the initial asset allocation. Your financial planner will monitor your portfolio performance, and watch the financial and investment markets to find fresh opportunities for you. Naturally, if you have new needs and goals, or if your situation changes, we'll adjust your solutions and portfolio to match. This systematic approach means that regardless of any changes to your situation, your goals, or the market environment, you can be confident that your investment and financial solutions will stay focused on performance and in line with your needs at every stage of your life.