SI Quant Analytics


At UBS-AM we have a dedicated team – SI Quant Analytics team - that is responsible for integrating data science into our sustainable investment process. SI Quant Analytics blends multiple data sources to create more holistic, efficient alpha and striving for better client outcomes, that are then refined by developing scoring and reporting tools.

Our SI Quant Analytics process

Centralize SI data

  • Early 2021, SI Quant Analytics assumed responsibility for all data related to sustainable investing
  • As a dedicated data science team integrated in the SI team, SI Quant Analytics ensures that the investment business have industry leading data at hand

Enhance data and insights

  • Derive systematic insights which inform the investment decision process
  • Enables faster idea generation, and provides scientific justification for investment decisions
  • SI Quant Analytics uses machine learning expertise to enhance data and address data challenges

Drive innovation

  • Machine learning and natural language processing is used to drive thematic, often SDG-related, investment strategies
  • Driving thought leading work on impact with the ambition to establish investment framework


  • Dedicated team comprised of 5 professionals with strong technical expertise
  • Since March 2023, the SI Quant Analytics team (formerly Quantitative Evidence and Data Science (QED)) is integrated in the SI team to more deeply hard wire data science into the investment process of our quant capabilities for AM’s SI offering

Seeking better outcomes

SI Quant Analytics built a proprietary approach that leverages natural language technology to “read” through thousands of revenue categories, company descriptions and corporate filings and then combines relevant topic exposures with alternative data and traditional ESG data to create a thematic universe.

For the Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) Universe, SI Quant Analytics worked with SI PMs and analysts to refine the methodology and to identify DEI leaders to be included in the investable universe.

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