Strategic Wealth Planning

Strategic planning to grow, protect and transfer your wealth

Strategic Wealth Planning

Nothing should be left to chance when managing your assets. The decisions you make during the course of your lifetime have a profound effect both on your financial situation and the structure of your portfolio; decisions such as where to live, buying and selling property and your business affairs. As an investor, you play a definitive role in determining their results. Needless to say, planning your financial future requires great care and attention. This is where we can help.

Our wealth planning professionals work closely together with your client advisor to produce a comprehensive and individually tailored wealth strategy using the right product solutions, designed to meet your long-term goals and aspirations. Simply tell us what your priorities are.

Your Wealth Planners

Our wealth planning team has over 600 staff located in major financial centers across the globe. Our planners are specialists in fiduciary and insurance solutions. Their knowledge and experience in local and cross-border wealth management issues, such as succession and inheritance planning complement the expertise of our investment specialists. This contributes significantly towards planning your financial future. 

In Asia, each of our wealth planners specializes in a particular geographical location, enabling us to have in-depth discussions on your personal financial needs.