Philanthropy Advisory

We offer a number of different solutions no matter at what stage of a philanthropic journey you find yourself.

Some philanthropists seek direct involvement with their beneficiaries. Others prefer to remain behind the scenes. Whatever your motives, needs and expectations, our structured and tested advisory approach will ensure that your philanthropy is personal and rewarding.

Strategic advisory: We help you to reach sound decisions about your philanthropic ambitions in private advisory sessions. This can include everything from deciding how and where to give, to finding the best local partner for your philanthropic work, defining the optimal positioning niche for your foundation, creating a structure for social investment or re-aligning your foundation strategy.

Exchanging knowledge and best practice: UBS Philanthropy Advisory also offers you access to the best philanthropic thinking through dedicated research and offers a global network of platforms in multiple languages where philanthropists can meet to exchange ideas.

Giving opportunities: Through the UBS Optimus Foundation, established in 1999, you are connected to a world-class grant-making team who select only the most innovative and impactful projects which help improve the lives of children across the globe, making effective philanthropy easy.