UBS Managed Fund Portfolio

Premier funds combined with professional investment management

UBS Managed Fund Portfolio is discretionary, actively managed portfolio solution for achieving your financial goals. Your portfolio invests in carefully selected investment funds and fund-like instruments from UBS as well as from leading third-party providers, depending on the investment solution you choose. You also have access to the expertise of UBS Fund Research, which identifies the most promising fund managers based on quantitative and qualitative fund selection methods.

You can choose between six investment strategies with different risk-return profiles, and two reference currencies (EUR, USD). For selected client domiciles tax aspects may be considered.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Personalized solutions: UBS Managed Fund Portfolio comes in two different forms: UBS Managed Fund Portfolio Classic consists of leading investment funds from around the world, while UBS Managed Fund Portfolio-UBS Select consists of leading UBS Funds. With both solutions your personal portfolio is based on your investment strategy and designed to meet your financial needs and goals.
  • Confidence and security: Delegating the daily management of your assets to our specialists saves you time while ensuring professional supervision and active management of your fund portfolio.
  • Access: With UBS you have access to the investment expertise of a leading asset manager with global research capabilities.
  • Risk management: The broad diversification of your portfolio through investment funds, and our structured investment process, can reduce your investment risk.