UBS Asia Mandate Portfolio

A well diversified portfolio with exposure to Asia's growth story

UBS Asia Mandate Portfolio is a discretionary, actively managed portfolio solution for clients whose strategic investment objective is greater geographical diversification or to opportunistically invest into Asia's secular growth story.

You can choose between five investment strategies with different risk-return profiles. Please contact your client advisor to arrange a personal consultation.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Personal solution: Your investment specialist provides proactive investment recommendations in line with your individual target asset allocation.
  • Dedicated advice: You can rely on the expertise of our specialists for highly customized investment advice and investment ideas.
  • Risk Management: Continuous portfolio monitoring allows risks in your portfolio to be controlled and matched to your risk preferences.
  • Access: You have access to first-class products from UBS and selected third-party providers, as well as to the global research capabilities of UBS.