UBS Funds

UBS your preferred partner for funds

A glimpse into the portfolios of inexperienced and sophisticated investors alike would probably reveal that investment funds are a popular and versatile investment vehicle, which is appealing to all kinds of investors.

Investment funds provide attractive features that include:

  • Ownership of a broad range of securities, with minimal investment
  • Diversification across various asset classes, geographic regions and investment styles
  • Potential reduction in overall risk through ownership of a variety of securities
  • Active portfolio management or passive indexing

UBS clients have access to the proprietary funds of UBS Asset Management. UBS offers a broad range of actively managed as well as indexed funds across all major asset classes.

With a history of more than 60 years of leadership in investment management, UBS is committed to managing assets using rigorous and disciplined approaches.

Experienced professionals add value to clients by understanding their risk tolerance, guidelines and restrictions. They aim to consistently discover opportunities to outperform by identifying discrepancies between an investment's market price and intrinsic value.