Corporate Advisory

Optimizing your business strategy

Corporate Advisory

As a wealth management client of UBS, you are in a privileged position to access our well-established network of private clients with potential business opportunities to offer. When Corporate Finance opportunities arise, we can not only tap into this network of private clients, we can also tap into our UBS Investment Bank and other offices in the world.

Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) is the interface between UBS Wealth Management and UBS Investment Bank. Complementing the close relationship developed with your client advisor, CAG aims to advise our clients like you on optimizing your business strategy.

Our intention is clear. We want to provide you with the best opportunities in the most efficient manner. Our platform of opportunities is vast. We have the capabilities to allow your business to head in the direction you want.

Based on an initial analysis of your company's needs, we will recommend appropriate strategies or products and introduce you to the relevant specialists within or, if needed, outside UBS AG.

Our services

If you are interested in our services or looking for some advice regarding your company, introductory meetings between you, your client advisor and CAG can be arranged.

After analyzing findings from these meetings together with our own research in the relevant industries, CAG can discuss with you on the various possible solutions or opportunities available.

Some of the possible solutions would include (within CAG or referred to UBS Investment Bank):

  • evaluating exit alternatives e.g. IPO, Strategic/Financial Buyer
  • lead adviser on sell-side on exit of holdings
  • lead adviser on Merger and Acquisitions
  • financing alternatives, including public/private financing e.g. share-back financing and acquisition financing
  • structured equity to assist entrepreneurs with concentrated equity positions to diversify their holdings

Either way, we are more than happy to assist you in any proposed transaction and to arrange follow-up meetings with other parties needed.