Changing the world one tech at a time

How has technology changed your industry ?

More and more young companies are changing the way we view technology and how it impacts us all. Take a look at some of the innovations these startups are creating to help businesses across the world.

Insights from industry experts

FindDoc (Time Creative)

Ivan Ng

CEO & Founder

FindDoc is a platform that provides not only healthcare information but helps you book appointments with over 6,000 medical professionals from 50 specialties.


Tomas Holub

CEO & Founder

CoverGo is the first fully configurable, modular, no-code, core insurance platform for omni-channel distribution, policy admin and claims powered by 400+ open insurance APIs.


Calvin Cheng

CEO & Founder

Wizpresso is a technology company that specializes in organizing unstructured data in seconds for financial professionals using cutting-edge NLP technology.


Ada Yu


OK Care has created a one-stop healthcare service platform, allowing patients across Hong Kong to book appointments online or receive treatment services at the comfort of their home.


Pierre Trecourt


PremiaLab’s platform is leveraging its unique analytics infrastructure to empower portfolio managers and asset allocators to conduct advanced strategy screening and peer grouping, cross-asset portfolio factor and risk analysis.


Kenneth Shih

Head of Sales & Marketing

Aqumon’s algorithm-based robot (investment) advisor provides intelligent, automated and tailor-made investment portfolio management services directly to Hong Kong investors.


Justin Chiu, Hardy Liu,
Cheney Cheng


Apoidea’s technology focuses on sifting through, identifying and presenting valuable business information, with the help of deep learning and natural language, to produce relevant content for publication.


Dennis Shi

CEO & Founder

MOJODOMO’s open-loop and cross-border proprietary technology provides in-depth, real-time data analytics on redemption transactions for marketers.


Mark Szeto


Ecgocare is an app enabling users to teleconsult with Chinese medicine doctors. Users are able to view the doctor’s profiles, ratings and reviews as well as book an appointment for teleconsultation or in-person consultation.

Market insights

Genetic therapies

Genetic therapies use genes and cells to treat serious diseases. Replacing defective DNA can remove the cause of an illness and restore health.


An aging population is putting more pressure on healthcare budgets, spurring healthcare providers to explore adopting new technologies.

Medical devices

An aging population and growth of the over 65 year age group will create more opportunities for companies selling medical devices.


Advances in cancer therapeutics will create new multi-billion dollar opportunities for successful drugs.

Emerging market healthcare

An aging EM population will require public healthcare investment in EM to grow sharply to prevent an impending healthcare crisis.

Digital disruptions

Investing in digital transformation

Disruption is everywhere. Digital data. Automation and Robotics. Smart mobility. In the investing landscape, the changing face of industries and companies should not be overlooked. Technology, resource constraints and social pressures are all potentially disruptive forces for investors. What’s next, and which trends should investors watch closely?

The potential is enormous but not all technologies will succeed and some will co-exist. Therefore, investors need several layers of exposure across various technologies and regions.

Hartmut Issel, Head of Equity APAC,

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