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We have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about Digital Banking in the short videos and FAQs below.

You may also contact our Client Support Hotline or your Client Advisor for more information.

Report the loss of your Access Card without delay to Client Support Hotline, who will immediately block access to your account, and provide you with a replacement card.

You can call our Client Support Hotline for assistance:

Hong Kong: +852 2971-7111
Singapore: +65 6495-8333

You should always logout from your E-Banking and Mobile Banking sessions before moving away from your computer and mobile devices. This ends your Digital Banking session and prevents any unauthorized access to your data and performing fraudulent transactions.

Smarter security

Keeping your access secure

Using sophisticated authentication and encryption technology, UBS Digital Banking ensures that you enjoy convenient and secure access to your accounts. UBS security practices are designed to safeguard your data and privacy online. 

Complete peace of mind

For confidentiality, data transferred between you and UBS Digital Banking is subject to 256-bit Secure-Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Even if your data is intercepted, it will be unreadable. 

Access Card

For your security, login information on your Access Card cannot be copied. Three incorrect PIN entries will permanently deactivate the Access Card. Should you require any assistance, please contact our Client Support Hotline.

Automatic time out

If you have been logged in for 10 minutes with no activity, your session will be automatically terminated. 

Track last login

UBS records your last login date and time, enabling you to check unauthorized account access.

Constant monitoring

A dedicated UBS Online Security Team monitors the system for irregularities around-the-clock.

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Client Support Hotline
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