New UBS Digital Banking
From 10 October 2017

New UBS Digital Banking

To provide you with an enhanced client experience, we are moving to our new globally unified One Wealth Management platform to provide best-in-class global banking, wherever you or your assets are.

Key enhancements of Digital Banking

Better control of your investments

  • Intraday transactions and positions
  • New reporting capability for UBS Manage™ clients
  • Health Check for UBS Advice™ clients
  • Easy access to UBS Quotes
  • Additional notification settings
  • Self-subscription to e-documents

Improved experience

  • Real-time assistance with co-browsing
  • Seamless experience across browser and app
  • Personalized homepage for quick access

What you need to know

1. A break in service

As the new platform goes live, you will not be able to use services from Friday, 6 Oct 22:00 to Tuesday, 10 Oct 08:00.

2. Access card, PIN and card reader

You can continue to use your Access Card, corresponding PIN and Card Reader.

Access Card

Access Card

Card Reader

Card Reader

3. e-Docs

You will still be able to access your old e-Docs when the new platform goes live.

What you need to do from 10 October 2017


1. Use new login details – your contract number

Your login credentials will change from alphanumeric to an eight-digit number:
For Hong Kong, ‘B’ will be replaced by ‘88’

Your login credentials will change from alphanumeric to an eight-digit number

2. Accept the new Electronic Legal Agreement

After your first login, you will be asked to accept the new electronic legal agreement.


3. Download the new Mobile Banking app

Please download our new Mobile Banking app on your smartphone and tablet to continue using UBS Mobile Banking from 10 October.

UBS Mobile Banking


UBS Mobile Banking

4. Set up new password and Touch ID

Set up new password and Touch ID

After logging in, tap ‘Settings’.

On the Settings page, tap ‘Password’ or ‘Touch ID’.

(A) Create your new password

  1. Tap ‘New password‘ to create your new password.
  2. Tap ‘Repeat password’ and retype your new password.
  3. Switch on your Access Card, enter your PIN and press ‘OK’.
  4. Input the numeric code on your Access Card and press ‘OK’.
  5. A security code will be generated on your Access Card. Enter the code on your mobile.
  6. Tap ‘Set password’.

Or (B) create your Touch ID login

  1. On the ‘Login with Touch ID‘ page, set the button to ‘Yes‘ after reading the ‘additional obligations‘ section.
  2. Enter your contract number and password.
  3. Tap ‘Confirm‘.