Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with UBS e-banking Hong Kong in the following FAQ or in the user instructions. You can also contact our helpline or your client advisor for more information.

Quotes & Research

Your subscriptions details are currently unavailable. We are working to re-activate the feature in a future release.

The alerts feature is currently unavailable in the integrated Quotes. We are working to reactivate this in a future release.


You will only see new statements and transaction advices generated in e-banking after you have logged in and accepted the e-documents electronic legal agreement.


Clients can expect to see the following documents in their e-documents
• Confirmations & Advices: Payment advices, Fees, Security Advices, Treasury Advices
• Statements: Current Account Statements. Statement of Assets, Year-End Statements
• Legal: Regulatory and Bank Legal Notices
• Others: Product notices, Account notices, Marketing letters, etc



You will receive alerts for new e-Documents, login warnings and messages from your client advisor.

Please provide a written instruction to your client advisor. This is one of our safety measures to ensure your data security.

Access Card Display

Yes, you can change the language. However we only have 8 languages options available; German (DEU), Dutch (NLD), Portuguese (POR), Spanish (SPA), English (ENG), Italian (ITA) & French (FRA)

Please follow the steps below to change the language
1.       Press & hold the Power button to turn on the card.
2.       Touch the yellow button (DEL Menu)
3.       Touch the down arrow twice (number 6 button) and click OK
4.       Touch the down arrow (number 6 button) until you locate your desired language.

The Language on the Access card display cannot be changed to Chinese. However, you can request a Card Reader through your client advisor or the helpline. The card reader is an additional device, used along with your access card display and can display the card information in Chinese.


Please press and hold the power button to turn on the card. This is to avoid the card from turning on accidentally.

For ease-of-use, we recommended you place the card on a flat surface when using the buttons.


You can call our UBS e-banking helpline for assistance:
Hong Kong:     +852 2971-7111
Singapore:       +65 6495-8333

Video Tutorials

We have some short videos to introduce you to our new e-banking. Click on the links to watch the video.

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