Foundation Governance

Foundation Principles

The UBS Optimus Foundation (UBSOF) adheres to the highest standards for foundation governance. The Foundation is a member of Swiss Foundations and complies with the principles of the Swiss Foundation Code, which includes best practices for effective implementation, checks and balances, transparency and sustainability. In addition, UBSOF introduced in 2008 an effective internal control system (ICS) in accordance with the statutory provisions contained in the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Controlling Bodies

The top controlling body is the UBSOF Board, which directs acquisition and distribution of funds and monitors business management. The business office is responsible for the operative management of the Foundation. The annual statements of UBSOF are audited by Ernst & Young. The Foundation is also overseen by government regulators for foundations of the Canton of Basel City.

Project and Partner Principles

We insist on the highest standards of quality when selecting and monitoring our projects and project partners. Each project proposal is evaluated in strict conformity with our evaluation criteria before we enter a financial commitment. 

In principle, any non-profit organization and/or university can submit an application for support. A clearly defined process exists so that applications reach the Foundation independently.  Applicants can obtain all the information and application forms here.

Applications that meet the catalog of requirements are evaluated by internal and external specialists and forwarded to the Foundation Board with an appropriate recommendation. The Board makes decisions about financing any project.

Project Progress Checks

The project partners are accountable for routine project reporting committed to reporting regularly on project developments. Foundation's experts visit each project site, except for innovation projects. The projects are also evaluated for their impact by an external, independent expert.
 During an ongoing partnership with the Foundation, the project partner must present a plan to ensure financing once cooperation with the UBSOF ends to ensure the project's future success.