Vision & Mission For the well-being of children

Our vision

We are dedicated to the overall well-being of children. We are committed to a world in which all children and adolescents have access to education and may grow up in an environment free from violence and sexual abuse. As part of our activities, we support targeted research to promote the health of the most disadvantaged populations worldwide.

Our Mission

  • We support the development, validation, promotion and dissemination of innovative approaches and ideas to improve the education, protection and health of disadvantaged children around the globe, regardless of their political, religious or ethnic backgrounds.

  • To do this, we seek out competent, innovative partner organizations that are willing to promote effective, sustainable change. We support these partners financially and where necessary, with advice. We actively promote the transfer of knowledge and the formation of new networks between our partners and other sponsors.

  • Geographically, we primarily concentrate on regions with the greatest need for action in terms of the defined grant areas: on the countries in the southern hemisphere*. However, the focal area “Protection from Violence and Sexual Abuse” is further supported in northern, western and industrialized countries due to the need for action there.

  • As a foundation established by UBS, we promote the shared philanthropic commitment of clients, management and employees. We make every effort to ensure that the funds entrusted to us are used to maximum effect.

* Here UBS Optimus Foundation means south of the 30th parallel.

Our grant areas

Our criteria

We are dedicated to improving the well-being of children in need through education, protection and health. Therefore we support projects in the areas of:

Putting children's welfare first

We are committed to the welfare of children around the world. Our overall goal is to protect them from abuse of all kinds.

In the area of education and child protection, we require all of our partners to fully comply with a zero tolerance policy for child abuse, exploitation and child pornography. We promote and respect the standards set out by the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, which outlines the fundamental rights of children within its sphere of influence.

We expect our partners to adhere to these standards, undertaking everything possible to prevent child maltreatment and to respond to and report maltreatment should it occur. We will not fund projects or organizations without appropriate mechanisms in place to protect children from abuse.

Within the area of global health research, all projects must adhere to international ethical standards and procedures for research when human beings, particularly children, are involved. All clinical investigations must be conducted according to the principles expressed in the Declaration of Helsinki. All grantees must submit a statement from their ethics committee or institutional review board indicating research approval.