UBS Optimus Foundation’s Landscape Analysis – 2012/2013

In anticipation of developing our next five-year strategic plan, the UBS Optimus Foundation team launched a comprehensive project to test our assumptions, appraise trends and inform our understanding of the issues we care about and environment in which we operate.

We are determined to seek the smartest and most effective possible approaches to ensuring optimal child health, protection and education – a strategic orientation towards giving that requires rigorous evaluation and a honest reflection about what does and does not work, as well as what has been overlooked and what is yet to achieve.

In that spirit, we launched the project early this year, consulting more than 70 global experts and conducting extensive research, including a comprehensive internal audit of lessons learned from a decade of grant-making. Mindful of our focus and our guiding principles, we applied filters and indices to our compiled knowledge, to hone in on gaps that align with our capacities and investment framework.

We mapped the potential areas for which smart engagement could make the most positive impact for children with a specific focus for our three priority areas – child health, protection and education. In addition, our analysis revealed common themes across our grant portfolio and complimentary areas for integrated programs, as well as emerging global trends and our own success stories, from which we have yielded new insights and best practices.

These insights and our findings will guide our five-year strategic planning process, to begin early 2013.

We invite you to review our full text versions of the executive summary (PDF, 443 KB) and full report (PDF, 5 MB). We also welcome your ideas and thoughts about what you read here.

You are also welcome to review and share the slide versions of the executive summary and full report (PDF, 1 MB).