The value chain model Harness innovation

We have developed a systematic, four-phase value-chain approach to grantmaking. The value chain model allows us to support the conception, implementation, replication and spread of innovative ideas. By applying clearly defined and verifiable evaluation criteria, we decide if a project can be taken to the next stage. We thus ensure maximum effectiveness for long-term social change in our selected grant areas.

The phases of the value chain

The phases of the value chain

All projects in the phases of the value chain are provided with a defined process which includes Monitoring/Evaluation and Knowledge Management:

Monitoring and Evaluation
Grantmaking at the UBS Optimus Foundation (UBSOF) is an iterative process between grantmaker and grantee. In this partnership, UBSOF utilizes a system of monitoring and evaluation that allows both sides of the grant to learn from the experience. This process allows UBSOF to evolve, applying the lessons learned to future decisions related to funding needs and priorities.

Knowledge Management
In the 21st century, knowledge has become the key factor in production and is indispensable for an organization's survival. However, knowledge by itself is insufficient: its management is just as important as its acquisition. The creation, advancement and dissemination of knowledge is the most valuable impact a grantmaker can have.

UBSOF is working to create, share, translate and apply knowledge as a strategic asset. Not only is UBSOF using its knowledge management to improve organizational capacity and to achieve its organizational goals more effectively, UBSOF also manages its dissemination to partners and a larger global community (such as with the initiatives that distribute the Optimus Study and Buruli newsletters).

For more information on our innovation project phase funding, please download the
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