Education and upbringing Empowering children through effective education

We support education projects that contribute to enabling more children to attend school and that provide better educational opportunities to girls. In addition, it is important to us that fewer children leave school prematurely, that the quality of teaching improves, that learning content is modified to meet local requirements, and that a safe and healthy learning environment is created for children in schools.

Early Childhood Development (Early Childhood Development ECD)

We use ECD as an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of interventions with young children and their carers or families, including those targeting health and nutrition, childcare, education and parent support. For children to truly develop and learn in a healthy and normal way, it is not only important to meet their basic needs for protection, nourishment, and health care, but also to meet their basic needs for interaction and stimulation, affection, security, and learning through exploration, play, and discovery. Providing access to ECD to children in underserved areas is one of the particular priorities of the UBS Optimus Foundation.

Improving the educational achievements of children

We are committed to raising the quality of education, thus improving the educational achievements of impoverished children. In addition, it is very important for our work that children who are deprived of educational opportunities be provided access to formal or informal schooling in order to meet their basic learning needs. By doing this, we want to contribute to helping children develop their capacities in order to better participate in their respective societies, and to be equipped for life-long learning. Promoting the education of girls, in particular – including secondary education – is one of the main priorities of the UBS Optimus Foundation.