Child protection Preventing and protecting children from violence and sexual abuse

We support projects that prevent and protect children from violence and sexual abuse. We particularly fund school and/or community-based prevention projects which ensure and/or significantly improve the safety of children from an age group of Early Childhood Development (ECD) to secondary education.

Research work has established that violence against children has strong, long-lasting effects on brain architecture, psychological functioning, mental health, health risk behaviours, social functioning, life expectancy and health-care costs. Epidemiological studies have clearly established that violence against children is a global phenomenon that occurs in all societies. Prevention and protection projects can be very effective in preserving the well-being of potentially affected children.

Optimus Study initiative - Protection through knowledge

Optimus Study

This large-scale multinational research initiative is laying the urgently needed foundations to provide children with effective protection against sexual abuse.

For more background information and the results of this promising initiative: