"My body belongs to me!" Joining forces to combat child sexual abuse

"My body belongs to me!"

BIn Switzerland every third or fourth girl and every seventh or eighth boy between the ages of 1 and 16 is a victim of sexual abuse. These figures are shocking. But what can we do?

Parents, teachers and other people dealing with children often find it difficult to talk to them about sexual abuse. How can they broach the subject without worrying and frightening them?

Kinderschutz Schweiz (Swiss child protection association) takes a fresh approach with its interactive exhibition "My body belongs to me!". The UBS Optimus Foundation supports this project aimed at children aged around 8 to 11. Accompanied by specialists, the children follow an activity course with six interactive play stations. These gradually show them how they can protect themselves against sexual abuse. Additionally, training is provided for teachers and information evenings are held for parents.

You can help too. By donating CHF 900, you can give a school class, that is, around 20 children, the chance to visit the activity course.

What do I need to do?

You can make payments of CHF 900 into the UBS Optimus Foundation account,
no. 233-700000.70 N, with the comment 'Children's activity course'.

Note: If total donations exceed the target amount, UBS Optimus Foundation reserves the right to use the surplus amount in another project that focuses on protecting children from violence and sexual abuse.

Your donation will greatly help by:

  • Boosting children's self-confidence and self-determination;

  • Heightening children's awareness of themselves and their bodies, so that they can differentiate between 'good', 'bad' and 'strange' physical contact, feelings and secrets;

  • Giving children the courage to say "NO" and set their own limits;

  • Showing them where to find help

Thanks to the parallel training and evening events, teachers and parents will be in a position to continue discussing the topic with their charges. This means that the project will have a substantial, long-term impact on a large number of children.