Ensemble Vortex – Composition Grant for the "Quadrilatère" Project


The Ensemble Vortex is a collective of young instrumentalists and composers who graduated from the Geneva University of Music. Vortex connects current compositional forms, musical productions, digital technologies, and electro-acoustic music, thereby moving in new and original directions. The ensemble is committed to new compositions and, since being founded in 2005, has already commissioned and premiered more than a hundred compositions.

The "Quadrilatère" Project is based on an idea of the saxophonist and composer Laurent Estoppey regarding concepts of collaboration and exchange at a distance, as well as the principles of remix, transformation, and development. For the 2018 season, the Ensemble Vortex has invited, in addition to Estoppey, the musicians and composers Francisco Huguet, Andrea Agostini, and Francisco Meirino to each compose a work. Their four compositions will be recorded within the framework of a concert in Geneva in January 2018. Afterwards, the compositions will be passed on successively to the other three composers in order to remix them alone or in collaboration with the ensemble. There are no rules for the remodeling: the composers are free to add on, take away, rearrange, and take apart. Thus, a total of sixteen works will be created from the original four and, in the final concert in January 2019, these works will in turn be performed for the first time, recorded, and put out as the sixth CD in the "Quadrilatère" series.

The Foundation Board supports the project with a composition grant of CHF 10,000.