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Euromoney names UBS best global private bank

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UBS wins Euromoney's inaugural "Best Global Private Bank" award, ranks first in Europe and numerous other countries.

Euromoney today named UBS the "World's Best Global Private Bank" in its first annual survey of the global private banking industry, which it conducted during the summer and fall of last year.

UBS won an impressive number of awards in the survey, significantly outperforming all its competitors worldwide, among them "Best Private Bank in Western Europe" award, as well as in the Bahamas, Jersey, Luxembourg, Monaco, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates. It was also ranked first for an impressive number of wealth management services in various regions and countries, key among them the "Best at Servicing International Clientele" in Western Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UAE, and the U.S. UBS was ranked second in Switzerland.

The survey is based on peer reference and by information provided by UBS. Through peer nominations, Euromoney indentified the companies that are recognized by competitors and industry players as being exceptional in specific categories of client and product segment.

Marcel Rohner, CEO of Wealth Management & Business Banking, commented: "These awards clearly display how our global Wealth Management franchise stands out in a fiercely competitive industry and in tough times. Our superb rankings are a testament for the excellence and dedication of our people. This success confirms our strategy of concentrating on our strengths. But our competitors are not sleeping and they feel especially challenged by our success. That means that we have to continue to work to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry."

The magazine said won UBS the award because the firm successfully managed to provide the widest range and highest quality of services worldwide.

Raoul Weil, Head of Wealth Management International, characterized the awards as a further indication of how UBS's satisfies client needs: "It is not only Euromoney -- over the last 12 months we have been increasingly recognized around the world for the superb way in which we serve our clients. I am proud and delighted about these awards. But, because our success is built on the our clients' success, our task in the future is to exceed our clients' expectations."

Alain Robert, Head of Wealth Management Switzerland, noted: "The survey makes it clear that we are extremely well positioned in a highly competitive market environment. Clients have perceived the progress we have made and our commitment to anticipate their needs. Our goal is to set new standards in the way clients experience wealth management. "

Juerg Haller, Head of Products & Services, added: "We are proud to receive this accolade for a great number of services. It confirms how we actively strive to support the success of our advisors. For us, these awards are a further incentive to continue developing our products and services to better serve our customers."