Global banking platform

A globally interconnected IT infrastructure provides you easy access to live market data, all major asset classes and global markets for fast, secure, and reliable execution.

Explore our e-tools offering below:

Trade execution tools:

  • UBS Connect - direct connection to UBS to obtain up-to-date information on client and custody accounts and to submit orders
  • UBS FX Flow - spot/forward and swap contract trading tool
  • UBS FX/EQ Investor - tool for customized FX and Equity structured products
  • UBS KeyTrader - electronic securities trading platform with the access to over 70 global exchanges
  • UBS FX Trader - trading platform for currencies, precious metals and vanilla options
  • SwisKey - trading/clearing platform for Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD)
  • UBS KeyLink - access to a variety of cash, securities, treasury and precious metals products and up-to-date client accounts

Important information: for certain e-tools minimum requirements have to be met and under certain conditions restrictions may apply. Certain e-tools are subject to legal and regulatory restrictions and cannot be offered worldwide on an unrestricted basis and may not be available to the Financial Intermediary.