A full range of specialist products and services

We can offer you access to a full range of open architecture products and solutions together with a broad selection of specialist services.

Cutting-edge technology platforms in line with your expectations and information needs.

UBS Connect

Our dedicated e-banking solution for eligible counterparty clients – predominantly asset managers and financial advisors – allows you to:

  • View your client's assets at any time in order to monitor liquidity and financial instruments held in your dedicated accounts
  • View the most recent account statements
  • Issue investment and divestment orders – only for managers
  • Monitor order execution status.

UBS Quotes

An online link to MSE (Milan), SWX (Zurich), AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE (New York), LSE and Virt-x (London), XETRA (Frankfurt) and EURONEXT (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels). You can find where a particular security is listed and the current price. Keep up-to-date with prices on around 250 stock exchanges, IPOs, new issues and trends for over one million financial instruments.

  • New issues
  • News agencies
  • Sectoral information
  • Charts (short, medium and long term)
  • Virtual portfolios, with personal securities list and alerts
  • Search engine covering over 1,200,000 financial instruments
  • Quick and advanced search functions.

UBS e-banking

Our e-banking platform allows clients to consult their portfolio at any time to monitor composition and results. The platform also offers online reporting functions.