Nouvelles UBS

New UBS homepage puts clients at the center - offers new Service Finder

About UBS

The improved and completely restructured UBS homepage literally puts clients at the center: In the middle of the page, the most important links are now categorized under two new headings, "Individuals" and "Corporates & Institutions". The Service Finder which provides direct access to specific offerings has been completely redeveloped.

The new homepage structure takes into account user feedback as well as the results of extensive usability lab sessions involving several dozen test users. The most important links are now categorized under two new headings, "Individuals" and "Corporates & Institutions". Placed at the center of the screen, these links were immediately noticed by test users. The entire redesign is aimed at helping visitors find what they are looking for quickly and conveniently.

Already highly successful, the Service Finder has been completely redeveloped. With the help of a simplified interface, users can access information on services tailored to their own needs and geographical region with 3 to 5 mouseclicks. On the same page, users have direct access to UBS branch information for the relevant country. In addition, clients can navigate the Service Finder without the need for special browser plug-ins now that the redesigned application uses standard technology.

Access to the sections Media, Analysts & Investors, Career Candidates and "About UBS" are still positioned in the left part of the homepage.

Several hundred thousand people visit the UBS homepage every month. It is both a vital reference point and service hub for clients and users globally, providing links to information on the firm and its offerings as well as access to online services.

Zurich / Basel, 5 December 2003