Nouvelles UBS

New brand, new website

About UBS

Today not only marks the launch of UBS's single brand around the world. We have also comprehensively redesigned our website, giving it a new structure while increasing the range and scope of information we provide.

The UBS Location Finder is one of the new features, making it far easier for you to find out information about our more than 1,000 branches around the world.

You can also now find information about all our businesses and Business Groups on the central homepage. Some of you will notice that the independent UBS Warburg and UBS PaineWebber homepages have been taken down. To access the information previously available on those sites, access our "UBS Investment Bank" and "Wealth Management in the USA" links.

We have also comprehensively reworked and standardized the design and content of the UBS website, which now has over 30,000 pages. Among the improvements we have introduced is the increased resolution of the pages, which will optimize PC screen space utilization for a majority of the more than one million people who visit our website every month. The larger font sizes we are now using will also improve readability.